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A rootkit is a program designed to make unauthorized modifications to computer systems without the knowledge of the person who installed it or the users… Read More
Windows 11 is the latest upgrade of the Windows operating system. This is more flexible & useful than the previous version. Windows 10 was replaced… Read More
Windows operating system is an important operating system. Many users throughout the globe use this particular operating system. There are other operating systems are present… Read More
In the Windows operating system, there is a provision to create a different user account for the machine. Suppose, any member of the user’s family… Read More
Windows Administrator is an important service in the Windows operating system. It is a special login account provided by the Windows operating system. It helps… Read More
Cache memory stores info data. It remembers or helps the software or hardware load faster for systems. Sometimes this memory can be damaged or corrupted,… Read More
Dynamic Lock is a simple but valuable feature that automatically locks our PC when we move away from it. It basically works with Bluetooth pairing… Read More
The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) lets developers run a GNU/Linux environment on Windows, without the overhead of a traditional virtual machine or dual boot… Read More
PeStudio is a tool to find suspicious artifacts within executable files to accelerate the first malware assessment. Using this tool, the analyst can easily spot… Read More
As a Security Researcher or a Bug Bounty Hunter, you are given a single primary domain or some list of domains for testing and finding… Read More

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