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The HTML | DOM importNode() Method creates a copy of a node from another document and imports it to the current document.  Syntax:  document.importNode(externalNode, [deep])… Read More
The inputEncoding property returns the character encoding used for parsing the document. This property doesn’t have any default value. Syntax: document.inputEncoding Parameters: The HTML DOM… Read More
The normalizeDocument() method in HTML is used to normalize an HTML document by remove any empty text nodes if exists. After removing the empty nodes,… Read More
The HTML DOM isEqualNode() method checks whether the two nodes are equal or not. These nodes are considered equal if they are of the same… Read More
The click() method is used to simulate the mouse click on an element. This method works exactly the same as the element is manually clicked.… Read More
The isSameNode() method checks whether the two nodes are same or not. This method is different from isequalNode(), where two different nodes can be equal… Read More
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as discussed before, helps in improving the rank of a website in search engines. The search engines have algorithms designed for… Read More
If you are a newbie in the field of software development, the very first question comes to your mind is “Where to begin?” That’s undoubtedly… Read More
SessionStorage and LocalStorage are known as the web storage API. Data can be stored on the client side by using these APIs.  SessionStorage: SessionStorage is… Read More
The Internet is a vast network of computers, and servers, which communicate with each other. The internet connects the whole wide world together. The Internet… Read More
We divide core defences in web applications into three areas: Handling User Access, Handling User Input, and Handling Attackers. These are explained as following below.… Read More
Web caching is done by a Proxy Server – an intermediate entity between the original server and the client. When a client requests for some… Read More
CSS allows to adjustment of the height of an element using the height property. While there are several units to specify the height of an… Read More
There is no way you can skip cookies if you are a developer. A cookie is today as important in internet as any language. Cookies… Read More
The replace() method in JavaScript is used to search a string for a value or any expression and replace it with the new value provided… Read More

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