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Round 1 (Online on HackerEarth): The online round consisted of 25 MCQs and one coding question to be solved in 60 minutes (1 hr). The… Read More
Walmart Labs came to BITS Goa for SIP 20-21. The process was a coding round followed by an interview. The coding round consisted of 25… Read More
Given a string S of length N consisting of ‘x’ and ‘.’. The given string represents a row of seats where ‘x’ and ‘.’ represent… Read More
Round 1 (Online MCQs and Coding): The Online Test was held on HackerEarth Platform and was of 60 minutes. The test consisted of two sections.… Read More
Walmart visited our campus on 14 September 2020.The complete interview process was virtual. It was a 4 round process. Round 1(duration 60 minutes): The first… Read More
Walmart visited our campus in August 2020. The complete interview process was virtual. It was a 5 round process. Round 1 (duration 90 minutes): The… Read More
Round 1 Coding and MCQ: This round was conducted in Hacker earth. There were 25 MCQS and 1 coding question. The MCQ contains both technical… Read More
First Round (Online-Written Platform: HackerEarth): Time duration for this round was 1 hour and there are 25 MCQs both Easy and Gate Level Based with… Read More
Round 1: 1. Given a string containing only R and L. Find the number of balanced substrings(equal number of L’s and R’s) you will encounter… Read More
Round 1: The position was for a Big Data Engineer experienced with ETL & Big data tools. First round is where you are tested on… Read More
Round 1: Written assignment around Calendar application having events and meetings. You were expected to come up with working API’s having proper entites defined and design… Read More
Round 1: -You are given some blocks resting on ground. So you have array like : 1, 2, 3, 4 now at each index it… Read More
Round 1: First Round consisted of few aptitudes, question on CN, DBMS, OS and one coding question. Coding question was probably to find the smallest… Read More
Round 1: Asked us to write working code in JAVA in 90 mins for this question. Didn’t clear this round, but felt that this question… Read More
   Walmart Labs visited our campus(IIT Kharagpur) on 7 Sep 2019 for hiring interns. All departments were eligible for applying and CGPA cut off was… Read More

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