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Company: VISA Position: Intern Eligible Branches: CSE, ECE, EEE CGPA Cut Off: >=7.5 College: National Institute of Technology, Warangal Round 1: Online Test: Consists of… Read More
Visa visited our college this August for both internship and full-time roles. I was an applicant for the full time. There was 1 coding round,… Read More
VISA came to our campus for a software engineering profile for the 2022 summer internship, and it was open for CSE, EE, and MTH branches… Read More
The eligibility criteria were 70 percent throughout academics. B.E.(CS and circuit branches), Btech (IT), M.E., MTech(IT), MCA are allowed to appear in the process. And… Read More
Round 1: It included 2 easy-level questions that were too easy that most of the people were able to do both of the questions. I… Read More
Round 1 Online Assessment: 2 Coding question Based on compare function. Used 6 compare functions based on different conditions to sort data(array of structures) and… Read More
Round 1 (Online Test): An online test was conducted on Hackerrank that consisted of 2 easy-level coding questions. The test duration was of 90 minutes.… Read More
Online Round: Find the longest subarray in an unsorted array that has an abs diff b/w adj Elem <= 1 after being sorted. My approach:… Read More
So, Basically, VISA came in our campus DTU, on 5th Dec, we have ha dour coding tests, Questions were very simple luckily, They were from… Read More
Round 1 (Coding Round): Due to the pandemic, the whole process went online. Round 1 was the coding round conducted on the Hackerrank platform. There… Read More
The intern hiring process was done in two stages :  Online Coding Round Telephonic Interview Online Coding Round: The round was conducted on HackerRank. There… Read More
Round-1 The first round comprised of 4 coding questions conducted in Hackerrank platform(Test Duration: 2 hours) :-  1) There are different images given as array… Read More
VISA Inc visited our college (NSIT, Delhi) on February 2020 for hiring interns. Round 1: Coding Round The round was held on Hackerrank coding platform.… Read More
  Online Coding Round: The round was conducted on HackerRank and there were 4 coding questions to be solved in 90 minutes. Some of them… Read More
Given two arrays A[] and B[] consisting of and integers. The task is to check whether the array B[] is a subarray of the array A[] or… Read More