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Virtualization is the creation of Virtual Version of something such as server, desktop, storage device, operating system etc. Thus, Virtualization is a technique which allows… Read More
Prerequisite – Virtualization and its Types in Cloud Computing Network Virtualization is a process of logically grouping physical networks and making them operate as single… Read More
Personal Digital Assistant : Personal Digital Assistant(PDAs) are among the most recent contraptions that great many educated clients need to utilize and claim. These pocket-sized… Read More
While modern day containers seem to be the go-to solution for providing the computing environment because of their lightweight nature, in this article, we will… Read More
Virtualization plays an important in today’s modern IT environment. Whether it is testing, deploying on multiple platforms, or accessing multiple operating systems it is the… Read More
In general, if we will see a well-established network has become an important part of our lives. Expanding networking helps us to establish relationships with… Read More
1. LXC : LXC is an abbreviation used for Linux Containers which is an operating system that is used for running multiple Linux systems virtually on… Read More
Imagination is to Technology as Fuel is to Fire. Imagination and purpose together drive technology. It is due to these that technology today is evolving… Read More
When a client gets subscribed to a shrink-wrapped software, that software subscription based on an agreement End User License Agreement (EULA). Mostly the subscription price… Read More
On-demand, pay-as-per-use, and short-range licensing models are termed as cloud computing licensing models. It is suggested that clients should not agree long term agreements or… Read More
As we learn about the AWS EC2 instance and there storage if we want to make the partition on that storage as we make in… Read More
Prerequisites – Introduction to Virtualization, Machine Reference Model of Virtualization In full virtualization primary hardware is replicated and made available to the guest operating system, which… Read More
Prerequisites – Introduction to Virtualization, Machine Reference Model of Virtualization Xen is an open source hypervisor based on paravirtualization. It is the most popular application of… Read More
Prerequisites – Types of Server Virtualization, Hardware based Virtualization Operating system-based Virtualization refers to an operating system feature in which the kernel enables the existence of… Read More
Prerequisite – Virtualization In Cloud Computing and Types, Types of Server Virtualization, Hypervisor A platform virtualization approach that allows efficient full virtualization with the help of… Read More

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