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Interview experience at Uber for the role of Senior Business Analyst. There was a total of 4 Rounds of interviews. In total questions were asked… Read More
Round 1: DSA (45mins) The interviewer introduced himself first and then asked about me. I told him in brief(2 mins only), and he laughed when I… Read More
This article will give you information about the company, its recruitment process, sample questions that have been asked previously, lots of experiences shared by other… Read More
Round 1 (Online Assessment Test) – 60 mins: The first round comprised a coding test that was conducted on CodeSignal. This round contained three questions… Read More
I applied for the Uber SDE 1 role by taking a referral. ROUND 1 (CODING ROUND): Problem 1: Base 2 to Base 6 conversion… Read More
I applied for the Uber SDE 1 role by taking a referral. ROUND 1 (CODING ROUND): Problem 1: Base 2 to Base 6 conversion.… Read More
Given a binary integer N, the task is to convert it into base 6. Note: The number of bits in N is up to 100. … Read More
Applied through career page. Though it is written in the mail –  “This coding assessment will assess your general CS fundamentals + Back End competencies.”… Read More
Difficulty Level: Hard Company Details: Campus: IIT (BHU) Interview – Day 0 ( 16 people shortlisted for interviews ) Verdict – Selected ( 5 candidates… Read More
Process: Online Test followed by 3 Rounds of interviews Online Test : Platform- Code-signal 3 coding problems in 60 minutes- All the problems were of… Read More
Uber started an off-campus drive in the first week of June. I got a referral through a college pass-out. After a week, I got the… Read More
There were 4 rounds. Each of them was an elimination round. Round 1(Online test on Hackerrank platform – 90 mins): An easy Tree-based question. (straightforward… Read More
I decided to write this article to help my fellow juniors with there interviews. I am not saying everything which I write in this article… Read More
Round 1(Online Testing Round) 1) What is the minimum time it will take to complete N trips with K cabs Input No of cabs(K) No… Read More
Round 1: The first round was an online coding round which consisted of 3 coding questions to be attempted in 90 minutes. Question 1 :-… Read More

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