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In this article, we will understand some of the necessary details which are associated with Method Overriding, further, we will see how to implement Method… Read More
Null refers to a value that is either empty or a value that doesn’t exist. It’s on purpose that there’s no value here. TypeScript does… Read More
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In this article, we will understand how we could create a basic Salary Calculator in TypeScript by using simple mathematical logics and operators (like divide(“/”)… Read More
In Typescript to enforce strict null checks in tsconfig.json file, we need to enable “strictNullChecks” to true. When “strictNullChecks” is false, the language generally ignores… Read More
In TypeScript programming, the duck-typing feature ensures type safety. As a result of the duck-typing rule, the TypeScript compiler verifies that two objects are identical. … Read More
In Typescript, “?” represents optional parameters. We use optional parameters when it’s not mandatory for that parameter to have a value or to be specified.… Read More
Redirecting is used when let say a user is a login to a website and he or she logged in successfully after logging in successfully… Read More
In Typescript, pipe(|) is referred to as a union type or “Or”. it is also called union type in typescript. A value that can be… Read More
In this article, we will try to understand how we could make object properties immutable in TypeScript. JavaScript is a highly dynamic and flexible language,… Read More
In this article we will try to understand how use the basic arrow function syntax in TypeScript. Arrow functions are basically the shorter way provided… Read More
In Typescript symbol is a primitive data type. A primitive data type is not an object, it possesses no properties or methods and they cannot… Read More
In this article let’s learn how to check if a variable is null or undefined in TypeScript. A variable is undefined when it’s not assigned… Read More
Typescript is an Object-Oriented Programming Language Created by Microsoft Corporation which is mainly designed for larger-scale projects, Typescript is Javascript code with Strictly Typed Language.… Read More
TypeScript supports object-oriented programming features like classes and interfaces etc. classes are the skeletons for the object. it encapsulates the data which is used in… Read More

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