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Things are often referred similar when the physical structure or patterns they show are having similar properties, Sometimes two objects may vary in size but… Read More
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We know that a closed figure formed by three sides is known as a triangle. A triangle has three sides, three vertices, and three angles.… Read More
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Given two 2D arrays rectangle[][] and triangle[][], representing the coordinates of vertices of a rectangle and a triangle respectively, and another array points[][] consisting of… Read More
An angle is made of, when two lines intersect to each other. We denote an angle by this symbol “∠”. An angle involves two legs… Read More
Given three integers P, Q, and R representing 3 non-collinear points on a 2D plane with their respective x and y-coordinates, the task is to… Read More
Geometric figures which have the same shape but different sizes are known as similar figures. Two congruent figures are always similar but two similar figures… Read More
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Angle Sum Property of a Triangle is the special property of a triangle that is used to find the value of an unknown angle in… Read More
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Given three pairs of integers A(x, y), B(x, y), and C(x, y), representing the coordinates of a right-angled triangle, the task is to find the… Read More
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