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Given the side (a, b, c) of a triangle and we have to find the perimeter of a triangle. Perimeter: Perimeter of a triangle is… Read More
Concurrent lines are line segments, two or more, crossing through a single point of intersection. The point is called the point of concurrency. The point… Read More
A scalene triangle is one in which each of the three sides has a distinct length and each of the three angles has a different… Read More
Area of a triangle is the region enclosed by these three sides of the triangle i.e. it can be considered as the space occupied by… Read More
Given a rectangle [(x1, y1), (x2, y2)] denoting the coordinates of bottom-left corner and top-right corner whose sides are parallel to coordinates axes and N… Read More
Area of an equilateral triangle is the space occupied by an equilateral triangle. A with all sides equal and the measure of each angle being… Read More
In Mathematics, there are plethora of shapes and sizes, and Triangles are known to be one of the most important shapes. Triangles in real life… Read More
Given a rectangle of length L and breadth B, the task is to print the maximum integer altitude possible of the largest triangle that can… Read More
Given a positive integer N representing the side of a square, the task is to find the area of a triangle formed by connecting the… Read More
The basic construction techniques allow constructing perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors, and so on. These basic techniques can be used for more complex constructions. These constructions… Read More
Things are often referred similar when the physical structure or patterns they show are having similar properties, Sometimes two objects may vary in size but… Read More
Given two integers A and B, representing the length of the semi-major and semi-minor axis of an ellipse with the equation (x2 / A2) +… Read More
Triangles are three-sided polygon which have three vertices. Basic construction techniques allow us to construct triangles. An important property of the triangle is that sum… Read More
While solving and finding the Area of a Triangle, Certain parameters are expected to be provided beforehand, for example, the height and the base of… Read More

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