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Double Threaded Binary Search Tree: is a binary search tree in which the nodes are not every left NULL pointer points to its inorder predecessor… Read More
Given two values n1 and n2 (where n1 < n2) and a root pointer to a Binary Search Tree. Print all the keys of tree… Read More
What is Morris traversal?Morris (InOrder) Traversal is a tree traversal algorithm that does not use recursion or stacks. This traversal creates links as descendants and… Read More
A threaded binary tree node looks like following. C++ struct Node {     struct Node *left, *right;     int info;       // false if left pointer points… Read More
We have already discuss the Binary Threaded Binary Tree.Insertion in Binary threaded tree is similar to insertion in binary tree but we will have to… Read More
Idea of Threaded Binary Tree is to make inorder traversal faster and do it without stack and without recursion. In a simple threaded binary tree,… Read More
We have discussed Thread based Morris Traversal. Can we do inorder traversal without threads if we have parent pointers available to us?  Input: Root of… Read More
We have discussed Threaded Binary Tree. The idea of threaded binary trees is to make inorder traversal faster and do it without stack and without… Read More
Inorder traversal of a Binary tree can either be done using recursion or with the use of a auxiliary stack. The idea of threaded binary… Read More
  Using Morris Traversal, we can traverse the tree without using stack and recursion. The idea of Morris Traversal is based on Threaded Binary Tree.… Read More

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