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Round 1: Interviewer: Recruiter (HR): Duration: 25 mins. The interviewer started by explaining details about this role. What the internship would be like. Talked about… Read More
Teradata is the most popular type of Rational Database Management System. It is a processing system that is widely used for developing large-scale data warehouse… Read More
Teradata visited our campus for recruitment for Software Engineer role. Round-1 The first round comprised of 20 MCQ questions(45 minutes) including programming logic and technical… Read More
This is my interview experience with Teradata and I wanted to share this with other people who are attending to the interview. My request is,… Read More
About Company Recruitment Process Questions Asked in Teradata Interview Experiences Where to Apply ? About Company : Teradata Corporation is a provider of database-related products… Read More
Teradata recently visited our campus and the package offered was above 8 LPA. They were recruiting for the role of C/C++ development and functional testing.… Read More
Round 1( written test 40 mins) Around 60 candidates were short listed for round 1 based on aggregate percentage and eamcet rank BTech and IDP… Read More
For Round 1 students were selected based on CGPA and Entrance Examination’s ranks Round 1: Offline Objective Test Total 20 Questions with time limit of… Read More
Written Test MCQs on Coding (predict the output, identify the error, …), Operating System Technical round -1 If a linked list has a cycle OOP… Read More
Recently, TeraData visited our campus for both developer and test developer profiles. I have been shortlisted for developer profile. Round 1 : Written Test 20… Read More
Total of 5 rounds  1. Written – 20 questions (15 from C,DS and algorithms and 5 form OS),  2. Technical Interview – No Introduction directly… Read More
Recently Teradata visited in our campus for recruitment First Round: Time: – 40 Minutes —————————————————————————- There was total 20 objective questions from C/C++ and OS.… Read More
Given a Binary Tree, the task is to print the Level order traversal of the Binary Tree in spiral form i.e, alternate order. Example: Input:Output:… Read More
Given a string S consisting of lowercase Latin Letters, the task is to find the first non-repeating character in S. Examples:  Input: “geeksforgeeks”Output: fExplanation: As… Read More

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