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Convolutional Neural Network(CNN) is a neural network architecture in Deep Learning, used to recognize the pattern from structured arrays. However, over many years, CNN architectures… Read More
GoogleVis is a package in R that is used to act as an interface between R and the Google API to produce interactive charts which… Read More
Installing Git in Putty is a straightforward process that allows developers to use Git through the Putty terminal emulator. Git is a version control system… Read More
Microsoft provides many built-in functions to speed up your work in Excel. However, you can technically create functions using VBA coding called “user-defined functions” (UDFs).… Read More
Excel’s “Inquire” feature is a powerful tool that allows users to compare and analyze multiple workbooks and worksheets within a single Excel file. With Inquire,… Read More
Power Query is an easy and efficient way of solving simple data tasks. Most of our valuable time is frequently consumed by tedious manual procedures… Read More
Excel gives many built-in features related to graphs and dataset representations, which help to visualize and analyze data easily. One of these features is the… Read More
Linear interpolation is used for fitting curves using linear polynomials. Linear Interpolation is a method that constructs new data points from a given set of… Read More
python-libgmail is a Python library that allows you to interact with your Gmail account using the Gmail API. It allows you to read, send, and… Read More
Iterative deepening A* (IDA*) is a graph traversal and path-finding method that can determine the shortest route in a weighted graph between a defined start… Read More
Tailwind CSS provides a set of default font families that you can use in your projects. These font families are defined as utility classes in… Read More
In the world of web development, CSS plays a crucial role in styling HTML code. Typically, the CSS code is linked in the head tag… Read More
Systemd is a Linux system and service manager that is responsible for controlling the boot process of a Linux system. The systemd boot process consists… Read More
In this article we are going to see how to read R File using R Programming Language. We often have already written R scripts that… Read More
Backbone.js is a JavaScript framework that provides the structure of web applications by separating the application’s data (models) from its presentation (views) and its logic… Read More

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