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Given an array of n non-consecutive integers and Q queries, the task is to check whether for the given range l and r, the elements… Read More
Every day, we visit so many applications, be it messaging platforms like Messenger, Telegram or ordering products on Amazon, Flipkart, or knowing about weather and… Read More
Given a matrix of N rows and M columns. It is given that M is a multiple of 3. The columns are divided into 3… Read More
Given an array arr[] of N elements, the task is to find the maximum number of consecutive 1’s in the binary representation of an element… Read More
Given an octal number N, the task is to convert the number to decimal and then find the modulo with every power of 2 i.e.… Read More
Given N ranges [L, R] and an integer K, the task is to check if there are any K ranges that overlap at any point.… Read More
Prerequisites: Mathematics | Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors Matrix Multiplication Null Space and Nullity of a Matrix For a given matrix A the set of… Read More
Given an integer N, the task is to reduce N to 1 with the following two operations:   1 can be subtracted from each of the… Read More
Given four integers N, A, B, and C. The task is to print the Nth number in the set containing the multiples of A, B,… Read More
Given an integer X. The task is to find and return the array containing of powers of 2’s and the xor of the array is… Read More

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