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Tag Archives: Technical Scripter 2019

If you have suddenly got interested to get into programming, maybe because your school finally started teaching a programming language (that too most probably during… Read More
Prerequisite : django installation With the growth of data, data visualization in become a import part here we will implement chart for our data in… Read More
Given two complex numbers. The task is to multiply and divide them. Multiplication of complex number: In Python complex numbers can be multiplied using *… Read More
prerequisites: Garbage Collection, Mark and Sweep algorithm Garbage Collection: Garbage collection aka GC is one of the most important features of Java. Garbage collection is… Read More
Virtual Function in C++ A virtual function is a member function which is declared within a base class and is re-defined(Overriden) by a derived class.… Read More
Nashorn: Nashorn is a JavaScript engine which is introduced in JDK 8. With the help of Nashorn, we can execute JavaScript code at Java Virtual… Read More
HTTP/2 Client: HTTP/2 client is one of the feature of JDK 9. HTTP/2 is the newest version of the HTTP Protocol. By the help of… Read More
Prerequisite – Multilevel Cache Organisation Cache is a technique of storing a copy of data temporarily in rapidly accessible storage memory. Cache stores most recently used… Read More
@include keyword is used to include the code written in a mixin block. @mixin is used to group css code that has to be reused… Read More
Map in Python : Map is used to compute a function for different values ‘in a single line of code ‘ . It takes two… Read More
The Most Common way we use to store dates and times into a Database is in the form of a timestamp. When we receive a… Read More
RedHat Linux is a worldwide used OS in servers and networking devices. Red Hat lists Adobe, Ampersand and many among the top 500 fortune companies.… Read More
NumPy is a Python package which means ‘Numerical Python’. It is the library for logical computing, which contains a powerful n-dimensional array object, gives tools… Read More
Suppose we have a function and we want to compute this function for different values in a single line of code . This is where… Read More

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