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My exam date was 15 September 2021 and there were 4 sections. Round 1: Aptitude English Reasoning Coding(1 Easy +1 Medium) My results were announced… Read More
My first interview with TCS was a memorable moment in my life. I was so nervous before my interview but was well-prepared with some interview… Read More
I applied via their website and sat for the NQT in October 2020. There were four sections: Aptitude English Reasoning Coding (2 questions) I got… Read More
Round 1: Technical and MR Short Introduction In the introduction, I talked about Language and interest and also about my project then they only focus… Read More
TCS NQT or National Qualifier Test is for freshers with less than 2 years of work experience. Students with any degree/branch can apply. It is… Read More
TCS is hiring graduates through the National Qualifier Test (NQT) drive for selected colleges. They will be hiring fresher graduates from India and are providing… Read More
To give some background, I was selected through TCS NQT and this interview was for TCS Ninja. Due to COVID, the entire interview was on… Read More
My exam date was September 13 and there were 4 sections. Aptitude English Reasoning Coding(1 Easy +1 Medium) My results were announced on September 29… Read More
I am from the 2022 batch and studying in a tier 3 college from Visakhapatnam. TCS Digital visited our college in August 2021. We applied… Read More
The recruitment consists of two rounds. The first one is a written test and another is the interview. Round 1: Written Test The test consists… Read More
Company: TCS Profile: Digital Platform: MS Teams Round 1: The interview has 3 panelists 1 TR, 1 MR, 1 HR TR: Introduce yourself Me: Did… Read More
The Placement season started at VIT Vellore and after all the Slot 1 Super Dream companies hired the brightest minds, The IT Services companies started… Read More
There were 2 rounds. First, is an Online test conducted in TCS’s own launcher. The second was Face to Face round. Round 1: Online Test… Read More
TCS Digital Interview Experience There were two rounds- Round 1 has consisted of MCQs(English and Quant) and coding questions,  Round 2 was the Interview round… Read More
We applied directly on the TCS Next Portal site as my college comes under the premium list of TCS. So, we were allowed to directly… Read More

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