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Hello friends! What’s up? Hoping, you all must be nice. So, it’s a good idea to learn about other’s experiences so that you get an… Read More
Three characters {#, *, . } represents a constellation of stars and galaxies in space. Each galaxy is demarcated by # characters. There can be… Read More
Problem Description: A city is represented as a two-dimensional rectangular matrix. The outer wall of the given matrix denotes the boundaries of the city. Citizens… Read More
Rahul and Ankit are the only two waiters in Royal Restaurant. Today, the restaurant received N orders. The amount of tips may differ when handled… Read More
TCS is hiring graduates through the National Qualifier Test (NQT) drive for selected colleges. They will be hiring fresher graduates from India and are providing… Read More
Consider a long alley with N doors on one side. All the doors are closed initially. You move to and fro in the alley changing… Read More
TCS Digital visited our college in October-2020. Company – TCS (Digital Profile) Job Profile – System Engineer Eligibility:    All Branches B.Tech, M.Tech  % in… Read More
Hello Everyone, Hope you are safe. I am here to explain my interview process in TCS. I gave TCS Code Vita 2 times. First, in… Read More
TCS  DCA Interview Experience for freshers to upgrade from ninja to digital 2021 Round 1: TCS conducted an exam that contains two coding questions. The… Read More
I am a student of Bachelors of Computer Application(BCA) and I got selected in TCS through Smart-Hiring program offered by TCS only for Bca and… Read More
TCS IGNITE hires graduates and final year students from BCA and BSC(IT/Maths) and the top 1000 performers are assigned IGNITE profile and others are assigned… Read More
Pre-Qualifier Round: The pre-qualifier round was on 8th August 2020. There were 6 problems which were to be solved within 6 hours. I was able… Read More
Round 1: I attempted the NQT test on 29th October 2020. The total duration of the test was 120 mins. The test consisted of the… Read More
Hello Everyone, In this article, I’m going to share my interview experience of TCS-INFRAMIND SEASON 4 2020. You will get assigned for the interview if… Read More
Hi… TCS interview was one of the craziest interviews I have attended. Please have the patience to read my story:p Without any interest, I have… Read More

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