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I already got the TCS NINJA offer through TCS CODEVITA. I appeared in TCS NQT on 29th August. And I cleared the test for TCS… Read More
Hello everyone!  I will be sharing my entire experience in the recruitment process for TCS Digital’s offer in on-campus placement.  Round 1 (TCS NQT): Since… Read More
I have mentioned my TCS interview journey in a nutshell & trust me if you will read the whole article it will help you a… Read More
TCS conducted 2 upgrade challenges to all Ninja profiles of the 2022 batch in march and May months. I got a digital profile in march… Read More
For my campus, TCS was visited at the beginning of July Month. Initially, They have kept a test called NQT(National Qualifier Test) across all Tier-I… Read More
Difficulty level: – Medium The first company to ever interview me was Tata Consultancy Services and I got selected for TCS digital profile via on-campus… Read More
l applied for TCS-NQT Exam on June-23 through my college’s placement section. This TCS-NQT exam was only for selected colleges. The TCS-NQT exam was conducted… Read More
My campus is one of the premium colleges in which TCS comes on Campus. Written Round: My written exam is on 3rd July 2022. There… Read More
I am a 2023 Pass Out, so this is like a PPI to me and was provided as PPO to me. Round 1: It was… Read More
l applied for TCS-NQT Exam in June-23 through. This TCS-NQT exam was only for selected colleges. My TCS exam was conducted on the 30h of… Read More
After clearing the first round of NQT exam an interview was scheduled of duration 40 min for a digital role in TCS, the panel consists… Read More
Hi, I am from MCE MOTIHARI. I am a Mechanical Engineering Student. I would like to share my TCS  Interview Experience and also how I… Read More
TCS conducted an on-campus recruitment test for the year 2023. All the branches were allowed to sit for this test. There were two rounds first… Read More
l applied to TCS in August-21 through NQT. My TCS exam was conducted on the 19th of September 2021. Round 1: Online Test: Consists of… Read More
For Ninja Profile. ECE candidate. Technical Round: The Interview went approximately 1 hour. As we all know the first question of the interview is “Tell… Read More

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