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Round 1: This Round consists of 4 sections. The first section consists of 15 English questions like fill in blanks in a paragraph with a… Read More
Round 1:  The first round was TCS national qualifier which was test held across India. My center was in Allahabad. There were 4 sections in… Read More
TECHNICAL: After clearing TNQT 2020, I got an interview call from TCS at Gitanjali Park Kolkata. In my panel there were two panelists (probably TR… Read More
Though I didn’t clear the interview for TCS Digital, it was a good experience. The registration process started from June 2019 itself. Written Test-1: The… Read More
Technical round: 1)He has taken my resume and read the resume completely. 2)He asked me in which language i’m familiar with? I have answered c… Read More
TCS Digital is a job profile in TCS which gives you a chance to work in digital technologies. Interview results of TCS Digital are out… Read More
Hey there, Greetings! Today, let me give everybody who reads this a glimpse of my experience throughout the selection process of TCS via TCS NQT… Read More
Round 1: The online National qualifier test took place on 03/08/2019. There were three different sections of the exam. It was an online test and the… Read More
Before I start, I want to make 1 thing very clear that, your selection in interview is totally depend on your knowledge, confidence, communication skills… Read More
Round 1: The first round was NQT which consisted of English, Aptitude, Technical MCQs and Coding. It had sectional cutoff(undisclosed by TCS). The exam can… Read More
Round 1: Well, round 1 consists of an online test, that contains questions from a lot of sections. First of all their was an English… Read More
Round 1: First round was all about the written test which was the TCS National Qualifier Test(NQT).The NQT is a 90 minutes test. It comprises… Read More
Since not being from a premium college, I got the opportunity to attend the TCS NINJA interview through the TCS National Qualifier Test for NINJA.… Read More
Round 1: So I gave tcs ninja on 3rd august, 2019 at t.c.s gitobidhan.I was from slot-2 whose timing was allocated from 11:30 am to 1… Read More
TR:Hi himanshu! me: A very good evening sir! TR:Define yourself! me:50 sec introduction of my hobies, interest, academics scores and acheivements. TR: Okay! Tell me about Your project you mentioned? me:… Read More

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