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TCS is hiring this year through the National Qualifier Test (NQT) drive for selected colleges, this year due to COVID-19 the hiring process is online.… Read More
I had given my NQT Exam on 28th October, later I got an email telling me I am selected in NQT Toppers, so I was… Read More
I got the mail from TCS for the interview schedule. They already attached the Microsoft team’s link for a video interview. My interview was in… Read More
Technical Question: What’s your favorite subject What is Cloud computing What is PAAS What is the benefit of RDBMS over DBMS? What is VDL? Types… Read More
Firstly there will be an online test on TCS ion platform which comprises aptitude and programming questions then the shortlists will have the final round… Read More
I had my NQT exam on 29th Oct 2020, and I got a mail telling me that I was selected for the next round i.e… Read More
I had my NQT exam on 28th Oct 2020, and I got a mail telling me that I was selected for the next round i.e… Read More
After solving 2 questions, I managed to get a 2.5k rank in Codevita. Unlike previous years, this year only those with a rank of less… Read More
Hi all, I want to share my journey from college student to TCS professional. Round-1: Online test I wrote the NQT test on 3rd August… Read More
Round 1: It  first consists online test which consists following  topics. 1.English 2.Aptitude 3.Technical questions based on C, C++and Java 4. one coding question.(based on 0-1… Read More
Round 1: I got selected for TCS interview by cracked TCS NQT-2019. First round is Technical Round.It is the most important round because it is the… Read More
Hi,  I am student of CSE(2016-20) batch.  Round 1: Round 1 was an online test held at different exam centres. My exam center was TCS… Read More
Hi, I am from Vignan institute of information technology, vizag. This was my interview experience … Me : Good Morning sir and Good Morning mam. MR… Read More
Round 1:  The first round was TCS national qualifier which was test held across India. My center was in Allahabad. There were 4 sections in… Read More
My TCS NQT was held on 3rd August 2019 wherein I thought that I will not be able to clear the exam. My batch was… Read More

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