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Three characters {#, *, . } represents a constellation of stars and galaxies in space. Each galaxy is demarcated by # characters. There can be… Read More
One person hands over the list of digits to Mr. String, But Mr. String understands only strings. Within strings also he understands only vowels. Mr.… Read More
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In the Byteland country, a string S is said to super ASCII string if and only if the count of each character in the string… Read More
Given two arrays of H[] and B[] consisting of N and M integers respectively, denoting the diameter of holes and balls respectively. M number of… Read More
Problem: In one pass, Train A can start from the source station at time T[0], halt at each station for h unit of time until… Read More
John is a geologist, and he needs to count rock samples in order to send it to a chemical laboratory. He has a problem. The… Read More
TCS Codevita Pre-qualifier Round which was held on 15th August 2020 by TCS to filter out the candidates that suits  there company as  Software Engineers.… Read More
Round 1 : ( Online test ) In this round, you have to solve 6 questions within 6 hours. I was able to solve two… Read More
Problem Description Dr. Vishnu is opening a new world-class hospital in a small town designed to be the first preference of the patients in the… Read More
Given a character matrix arr[][] of dimensions 3 * N, consisting of three characters {#, *, . }, the task is to find the vowels(A,… Read More
Given two integers X and Y, the task is to perform the following operations: Find all prime numbers in the range [X, Y]. Generate all… Read More
Given a number N, the task is to print the first N terms of the series 6, 28, 66, 120, 190, 276, and so on.Examples:… Read More
Programming test (Python) 1. Suppose on dd-mm-yyyy an eclipse occurred. Now, we are interested to calculate the date when next eclipse occurs. (Didn’t solve) Input:… Read More
Round 1(TR): Hello, My name is Ashim, I was called for interview on 30th of july 2019 and I will share my experience with you… Read More