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The interview process for a Data Engineer position at Target includes multiple rounds of interviews, including a phone screen, a technical interview, and an in-person… Read More
Round 1(Online Assessment): This round consists of 3 sections Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning – 15 MCQs – 15 minutes Code snippet – 15 MCQs –… Read More
This article will give you information about the company, its recruitment process, sample questions that have been asked previously, lots of experiences shared by other… Read More
Round 1(Coding Test): Two DSA questions were asked as mentioned below: Asked to print the common substring in the given set of strings. It was… Read More
Round 1 – Online test This round has MCQ s regrading English reading comprehension, Reasoning, logical, Quantitative(Numerical) and technical questions. Technical questions were related to… Read More
Round 1: ​Computer Based Online Recruitment Test (on AMCAT) The test had 3 sections : 1. Aptitude and Logical Reasoning 2. CS core subject questions… Read More
I’m an EE student. Pre Placement Talk : There Will be a Pre Placement talk for about 50 min. They’ll talk about what their company… Read More
Round-1: Aptitude Test on AMCAT platform The test was divided into 3 segments. You will be given 15 minutes to attend each section. 1.Aptitude and… Read More
Pre Placement Talk : Every company that visits a college campus, holds a pre placement talk where they make the students familiar with the company… Read More
Round 1: Hacker rank test consisting of 1 coding problem and mcq on D’S and algo and some aptitude questions Round 2: Discussion on your project in… Read More
Round 1: In 1st round there was 11 questions 10 was objective and 1 coding question (given an expression string in prefix form and u… Read More
Round-1: Online Test 10 objective questions and 1 coding question. objectives were from Data structures, Java, operating system, c. Que. Given source(x1,y1) and destination (x2,y2),… Read More
Online test in the Campus: It Includes 31 questions,out of which 30 were Multiple choice questions and 1 coding question. Multiple choice questions includes aptitude,… Read More
Round 1: There were 31 questions 30 of them was from c/c++ and apti . 31th question was a code that you need to submit… Read More
ONLINE ROUND 31 Questions in 60 minutes. 30 Quantitative and Computer Fundamentals Questions 1 Coding Question: Obtain the number of Trailing zeroes in the factorial… Read More