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The term Recursion can be defined as the process of defining something in terms of itself. In simple words, it is a process in which… Read More
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When you execute a recursive function in Python on a large input ( > 10^4), you might encounter a “maximum recursion depth exceeded error”. This… Read More
Given two strings A and B of equal size. Two strings are equivalent either of the following conditions hold true: 1) They both are equal. Or, 2)… Read More
Given an integer N, the task is to print all the numbers ≤ N which have their digits as only 1 or 3.Examples:   Input: N… Read More
Given a string with repeated characters, we have to insert a star i.e.” * “ between pair of adjacent identical characters using recursion.  Examples:  Input… Read More
Given some weights of masses a0, a1, a2, …, a100, a being an integer, and a weighing scale where weights can be put on both… Read More
Given two numbers and . The task is to find the number of ways in which a can be represented by a set such that… Read More
Given an array A[], we need to find the sum of its elements using Tail Recursion Method. We generally want to achieve tail recursion (a… Read More
Basics – Recursion Recursive Functions Tail Recursion Strings – Given a string, print all possible palindromic partitions Check if a number is Palindrome Print all… Read More

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