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Recently I had gone through four rounds of Synopsys Interviews for R&D Senior Engineer 1 Round 1:  Output-based questions: C++ int j = 0;   … Read More
Given two sorted arrays A[] and B[] of sizes N and M respectively, the task is to merge them in a sorted manner. Examples: Input:… Read More
Screening Round with Hiring Manager(around 1hr): Asked about my current work details. Output based problem: C int main(){    int i=5;    int j=6;   … Read More
Screening Round with Hiring Manager(1hr 30 mins): Asked about current company projects and coding lang. On which I have worked. C++ experience is very imp.… Read More
First Round(Online Test): Section A: Computer Science MCQs(20 Ques) Section B: Aptitude(15 Ques) Section C: Electronics MCQs(8 Ques) No Negative Marking. All sections were Untimed.… Read More
I was interviewed at Synopsys Bangalore for R&D Engineer, Sr I post. There were two rounds of telephonic interviews and then six rounds of face… Read More
I was interviewed at Synopsys Noida for R & D 2 engineer post. Round 1: The first round was telephonic. The interviewer firstly ask for… Read More
Interview rounds and the overall process for this company is not constant for every candidate. It entirely depends on your 1st technical round.Hence, I am… Read More
Round 1 : ——————————– 1) How can you design a hash which can have million entries with minimising collision? 2) Clone a binary tree 3)… Read More
Round 1: Stack frame how does it look it. How does printf work? Friend function Single class deletion operation. storage class in c++ i.e. local… Read More
Round 1: [Manager] 1) Showed code in his PC, how to optimise the given code 2) Program crashing before main() is called, what can be… Read More
Given two sorted arrays, we need to merge them in O((n+m)*log(n+m)) time with O(1) extra space into a sorted array, when n is the size… Read More
Given two sorted lists, merge them so as to produce a combined sorted list (without using extra space).Examples:   Input : head1: 5->7->9 head2: 4->6->8 Output… Read More
  Given two sorted arrays, the task is to merge them in a sorted manner.Examples:  Input: arr1[] = { 1, 3, 4, 5}, arr2[] =… Read More
Recently Synopsys ( Bangalore Center ) visited our campus for recruitment for Research and Development profile and Software Integration profile. Here is my interview experience.… Read More