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SSC Reasoning

 Here we are going to discuss a practice set of reasoning. Reasoning is one of the simplest and highest-scoring sections for all competitive exams. Reasoning… Read More
Here we are going to discuss “Alphabet Analogy” which is a part of the reasoning ability of many competitive exams. It is an important and… Read More
Important reasoning questions for SSC: General Intelligence and Reasoning is a high-scoring subject in the SSC CGL test. The more you practice, the better your… Read More
Analogy is a topic of Logical Reasoning where the two things are compared and conclusions are drawn based on their similarities. The analogy questions are… Read More
Odd one out is an important topic and student can expect questions ranging from 3-6 in SSC exams. SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS etc… Read More
In this article, I am going to share very important Reasoning Ability tricks. These tricks will help you in solving reasoning ability questions very quickly.… Read More
A circular Arrangement is a type of Sitting Arrangement, where objects are placed around a circle either facing the center or facing the direction opposite… Read More
The Cause-and-Effect Reasoning Section is one of the most tricky sections. The questions which come in this section are very easy in nature but they… Read More
In SSC, Banking, Railways ,etc, examinations this topic is most often asked. Giving this topic little bit of efforts, can let aspirants/candidates to solve the… Read More
Directions (Q1-12): Each question presents a situation and asks you to make a judgement regarding that particular circumstance. Choose an answer based on the given… Read More
Direction: In the following questions two sets of statements are given. There may be a relationship between cause and effect between the statements. The statements… Read More
Important Facts About Letters : 1) Position of letters :    Practice Questions :  Que 1. Which of the following words cannot be formed using… Read More
Reasoning is one of the most easiest and scoring topic for various exams. To ace this topic one needs to do practice of  question to… Read More
Introduction : Here in this section, we have discussed the practice set of questions for statement and argument. It’s a very important sub-section of analytical… Read More
Making judgement-Analytical Reasoning for SSC CGL :  Introduction: Judgement questions are part of the reasoning section in most of the SSC and Railway competitive examinations.… Read More

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