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SSC Polity

There are 448 articles in India’s Constitution, which is divided into 25 parts. There are 12 schedules included as well. It has been amended 105… Read More
The preamble is based on the American Constitution. The start or prologue of the Constitution is known as the preamble. N.A Palkhivala referred to the… Read More
Introduction: The government has to maintain law and order and peace in their country. Although the actual burden is on the government, citizens play an… Read More
In early 1980, Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer and Justice P.N. Bhagwati became the pioneers of PIL or Public Interest Litigation. The concept started in the… Read More
The Britishers before leaving our country made a very strong foundation for themselves. But as we moved towards our independence, there were many milestones made… Read More
The Supreme Court of India is the highest court of appeal that protects the fundamental rights of a citizen. Hence, it is a very important… Read More
The President is considered the first citizen of India and he is also the head of the Indian state. He acts as the symbol of… Read More
The State Legislature is a legislative body that makes laws at the state level. A legislative assembly exists in each state of the country. The… Read More
Fundamental Duties play a vital role for a citizen of India. It built responsibility and moral obligation towards all the citizens, and these duties need… Read More
The Governor is the official executive head of the state. He forms a major part of the state executive where he serves as the chief… Read More
The Finance Commission is a constitutional body, formed under Article 280 of the Indian Constitution. The main purpose of forming the Finance Commission is to… Read More

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