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SSC Finance and Economics

A bank reconciliation statement is a statement that reconciles companies financial record with a bank account. Depending on the volume and value of bank transactions,… Read More
Bills of Exchange is a very important chapter with respect to the SSC CGL exam and for UPSC exam. In SSC CGL exam, a separate… Read More
Trading account is prepared to determine the gross profit or loss that an organization has incurred during a period. It is termed as first part… Read More
India is a democratic, socialist, and republican nation. The supreme law of the nation in India is the Constitution. The Indian Constitution is supreme over… Read More
Receipts and Payments Account The receipt and payment account is the summary of payments and receipts of an organization during an accounting period. It gives… Read More
Non-profit organizations are organizations formed with the intention of the welfare of society and the general public. The main objectives of such organization are the… Read More
Valuation of Inventories is done to find out the value of unsold inventory stockpiling at the Company’s premises at the time of preparation of financial… Read More
Supply and demand can be defined as the relationship between the amount of a product that producers want to sell at various prices and the quantity… Read More
Capital expenditures are expenditures incurred to acquire the capital of the Company. It is majorly acquired for the development of a business. These expenses enhance… Read More
The Balance Sheet is the statement showing the business’s financial position at a given time. It is the statement showing the value of assets and… Read More
Partnership is an easy and scoring topic in Quantitative Aptitude. In this article, we cover formulae of partnership, concept and the type of questions asked… Read More
The Indian Financial System plays a very important role in the Indian Economy and it shows the economic growth of our economy. This chapter covers… Read More
Bookkeeping is the process of recording of financial transactions into organised accounts. It can be done through two ways: a single-entry system and a double-entry… Read More
What is Journal – The journal is the book where all the financial transaction is recorded as and when it happens with detailed narration. A… Read More
Rectification of errors:  It is the process of revising mistakes and making amendments to the accounting records. Rectification of Errors is basically of two kinds:… Read More