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SSC Finance and Economics

If we talk about Economics as a matter of subject only, we find it is a very dynamic subject and it is also continuously growing.… Read More
Let us understand Economy and Economics : If we observe our day-to-day life, our each and every activity and existence mostly depend on various activities… Read More
SSC stands for Staff Selection Commission. Through this examination, the selection is being done for Group B and C in the Ministries of Central Government… Read More
Depreciation is a calculation of wearing out, consumption, or other loss of value of a depreciable asset arising from use, effluxion of time, or antiquation… Read More
Trading account is prepared to determine the gross profit or loss that an organization has incurred during a period. It is termed as first part… Read More
Receipts and Payments Account The receipt and payment account is the summary of payments and receipts of an organization during an accounting period. It gives… Read More
Non-profit organizations are organizations formed with the intention of the welfare of society and the general public. The main objectives of such organization are the… Read More
Valuation of Inventories is done to find out the value of unsold inventory stockpiling at the Company’s premises at the time of preparation of financial… Read More
Capital expenditures are expenditures incurred to acquire the capital of the Company. It is majorly acquired for the development of a business. These expenses enhance… Read More
The Balance Sheet is the statement that reflects the company’s financial position that states the company’s total assets, liabilities, equity capital, total debt, etc., at… Read More

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