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FIND_IN_SET(…): This function returns the index(starting from 1) of the required string in a given list of strings if it is present in the list.… Read More
WIDTH_BUCKET( ) is  a mathematical function used in Oracle and PostgreSQL. As the name suggests width_bucket means dividing the histogram into equal width buckets, that… Read More
Sometimes you may need to change column size or change field length in MySQL. In this article, we will look at how to change column… Read More
SELECT SUM is used to calculate the total value of an expression in SQL. It is the same as using the AGGREGATE function SUM (… Read More
Any SQL query is not fundamentally related to performance, but when used in large fields and its amount is expected to be very large, the… Read More
SEQUEL widely known as SQL (Structured Query Language), is the most popular standard language to work on databases. It is a domain-specific language that is… Read More
RANDOM( ) in SQL is generally used to return a random row from a table present in the database. It has many applications in real… Read More
In this article we are going to study the SELECT FIRST commands in SQL, as we all know that there is already a command for… Read More
Keys are an important part of any Relational Database. There are various types of keys and among one of these is the Alternate Key. The… Read More
The SQL Encrypt function is used to encrypt a string using UNIX crypt(). The function is based on Unix crypt() system call, hence it returns… Read More
SQL Functions are developed into Oracle Database and are available to use in various appropriate SQL Statements. Functions in SQL and User defined function in… Read More
The GROUP_CONCAT() function in MySQL is used to concatenate data from multiple rows into one field. This is an aggregate (GROUP BY) function which returns… Read More
The LEAD() and LAG() function in MySQL are used to get preceding and succeeding value of any row within its partition. These functions are termed… Read More
Prerequisite – Aggregate functions in SQL, Joins in SQLAggregate functions perform a calculation on a set of values and return a single value. Now, consider… Read More
Following are some of the advanced functions defined in SQL: BIN(): It converts a decimal number to a binary number. Syntax: SELECT BIN(18); Output: BINARY():… Read More

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