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In SQL, Pivot and Unpivot are relational operators that are used to transform one table into another in order to achieve more simpler view of… Read More
Where and Group By clauses are used to filter rows returned by the query based on the condition. The differences are as following below. WHERE… Read More
Prerequisite – Aggregate functions in SQL, Joins in SQLAggregate functions perform a calculation on a set of values and return a single value. Now, consider… Read More
This post is a continuation of SQL Offset-Fetch Clause Now, we understand that how to use the Fetch Clause in Oracle Database, along with the… Read More
This post is a continuation of the SQL Concatenation Operator. Now, suppose we want to use apostrophe in our literal value but we can’t use… Read More
Prerequisite: Basic Select statement, Insert into clause, SQL Create Clause, SQL Aliases || or concatenation operator is use to link columns or character strings. We… Read More
1. INTERSECT clause : As the name suggests, the intersect clause is used to provide the result of the intersection of two select statements. This… Read More
If several columns have the same names but the datatypes do not match, the NATURAL JOIN clause can be modified with the USING clause to… Read More
Prerequisite: Basic Select statement, Insert into clause, Sql Create Clause, SQL Aliases We can use various Arithmetic Operators on the data stored in the tables.… Read More
Prerequisite – MERGE Statement As MERGE statement in SQL, as discussed before in the previous post, is the combination of three INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE statements.… Read More
Prerequisite – INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE The MERGE command in SQL is actually a combination of three SQL statements: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. In simple words,… Read More
Structured Query Language(SQL) as we all know is the database language by the use of which we can perform certain operations on the existing database… Read More
Used in : Postgre sql CREATE DOMAIN creates a new domain. A domain is essentially a data type with optional constraints (restrictions on the allowed… Read More
Prerequisite : Sql Create Clause, As the name suggests, DESCRIBE is used to describe something. Since in database we have tables, that’s why we use… Read More
Division is typically required when you want to find out entities that are interacting with all entities of a set of different type entities. The… Read More

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