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A line of code (LOC) is any line of text in a code that is not a comment or blank line, and also header lines,… Read More
1. Lines of Code (LOC) :The line of code (LOC) metric is any line of text in a code that is not a comment or… Read More
Agile testing is a relatively newer approach to software testing. It follows the principles of agile software development as called out in the Agile Manifesto.… Read More
Test tools can be very useful. In fact, some tools are essential. For example- An incident tracking system. Generally, tools are meant to improve the… Read More
Pen testing, a series of activities taken out in order to identify the various potential vulnerabilities present in the system which any attack can use… Read More
Software testing techniques are the ways employed to test the application under test against the functional or non-functional requirements gathered from business. Each testing technique… Read More
Introduction :In this, you will see the overview of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. And mainly our focus on Difference between Continuous Integration and Continuous… Read More
In this part, we want to mention the essential difference between the Test case and circumstances which can be test we comprehended that both the… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Testing | Basics As a tester, you needn’t only to test the software product but also have to manage, collect, and maintain a… Read More
The need for Heuristic Evaluation : Heuristic Evaluation is the process of thorough evaluation/assessment where the experts in a particular domain, used to measure the… Read More
Shift Left Testing, as the name suggests, is basically a methodology or an approach that came to test earlier in the development process. It mainly… Read More
Prerequisite – TDD (Test Driven Testing) Code Driven Testing is a software development approach in which it uses testing frameworks that allows the execution of… Read More
What is Googletest? It is a test framework i.e., a software tool for writing and running unit tests. It is a library for writing C++… Read More
When any software development takes place, a series of steps or development processes are followed to finally build a quality software product. All the activities… Read More
1. Software Developer :Software Developer, as name suggests, is a person who is responsible for identifying, designing, installing and testing software system that they have… Read More

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