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Prerequisite: Software Development Life Cycle SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It refers to the methods of developing quality software by clearly defining the… Read More
Post-deployment testing is a type of testing in which the software is tested after it is being deployed to production. This testing may help us… Read More
Prerequisite: Agile Software Development and Scrum  As we know that most IT companies are using the Agile software development approach for software development, in that… Read More
Retesting is a procedure where we need to check that particular test cases which are found with some bugs during the execution time. Retesting also… Read More
Conventional testing is a software testing process that is conducted when the waterfall life cycle is used while developing software. This testing is always performed… Read More
Agent-oriented Testing is defined as the application of agents like software or intelligent or multi-agent systems, etc to software testing problems by tackling and automating… Read More
Nowadays software purchases are in prime and people are interested to know more about the software before the purchase. Also, there are a good number… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Testing Pair Testing: Pair Testing is verification in software by duo team members operating behind a machine. The first member controls mouse and… Read More
Software products/services are developed and tested well before release in an aim to remove all defects in the product and deliver a smoother experience to… Read More
1. Data-Driven Testing :Data-driven testing or DDT is also named Parameterized testing. DDT is a process of testing software that is used to test the… Read More
Software products/services are tested multiple times before delivery to ensure that it is providing the required service. Testing before delivery doesn’t guarantee that no problem… Read More
Manual testing is a type of software testing technique that is used to document tests, produce test guides based on data queries, provide temporary structures… Read More
Design for testability (DFT) is a procedure that is used to set the development process for maximum effectiveness under either a resource-limited or reliability-driven scheme.… Read More
Prerequisite : Performance Testing | Software Testing Performance Testing is conducted to discover the response time, throughput, etc., and also to execute its required functions… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Testing As like design and development, software testing is also one important part of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). During the testing phase… Read More

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