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Shell had its online test on 25th August 2021. The job role I applied for is IT Software Engineer. The whole selection process took place… Read More
Shell had its online test on 25th August 2021 and 600 students were eligible for the test. The job roles they were looking for were… Read More
Terminal :A terminal is a text input and output environment. A terminal window, also known as a terminal emulator, is a text-only window that emulates… Read More
Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Containers allow a developer to package up… Read More
mapfile also called (read array) is a command of the Bash shell used to read arrays. It reads lines from the standard input into an… Read More
Hi guys, hope you are patient and calm, and doing your best for cracking on-campus placements. Tip: Don’t get your morale down at any point… Read More
The total procedure was completed in 2 rounds: Online Test: 1 SQL query, 2 codes easy level, and MCQs (tech+quant)  Note: Every section had an… Read More
Royal Dutch Shell PLC, commonly known as Shell, is a British-Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in England. It… Read More
Terminal is one of the most important tools in MacOS be it any field. To get good knowledge about the terminal is important. It teaches… Read More
Round 1:  First Consisted of 3 sections as follows :  section 1 :Quantitative aptitude (30 mcqs – 30 minns)  section 2: Technical mcqs major questions… Read More
Round 1: Shell was on campus for recruitment for the post of SDE. The eligible branches were CSE and IT only. The first round had… Read More
Round -1 The round 1 was conducted on the Mettl Platform. The first round was an online test which consisted of three sections. 1. Aptitude… Read More
Shell IT had visited our campus for role (IT Software Engineer) or Data Engineering role. Round 1: Online Test: The online test (90 minutes) was… Read More
SHELL is a program which provides the interface between the user and an operating system. When the user logs in OS starts a shell for… Read More
Conditional Statements: There are total 5 conditional statements which can be used in bash programming if statement if-else statement statement (Else If ladder)… Read More

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