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In this article, we will be creating a shell script to perform various database operations. We will be using the MySQL database management system and… Read More
The dialog command allows you to display a variety of questions or messages from a shell script using dialog boxes. The ~/.dialogrc file is a run-time… Read More
The complete command is used to autocomplete commands while typing by pressing the [TAB] key. In case there is more than one possible autocompletion, pressing… Read More
You may have noticed that shell programs occasionally ask the user for confirmation by prompting [Y/n] or [Yes/No]. Knowing whether a user wishes to continue… Read More
The trap command in Bash executes specific code in response to the signal given to the program. It traps the signal received by the program… Read More
Device files/nodes are special files that allow applications to interface with device drivers. I/O operations on device nodes are handled by the driver for that… Read More
Prerequisites: Processes, Bash Scripting, Shell Function Library Signals help the operating system to communicate with processes and vice-versa. Signals are also generated when processes don’t… Read More
In this program, we will discuss how to take input from the user as a character and print whether the character entered is upper case,… Read More
Prerequisites: Bash Scripting, Shell Function Library Processes started from the terminal (and still not terminated) get a unique serial number or ID that is known… Read More
While working in Linux systems, we have used so many commands on a day-to-day basis. Most of the commands are in the binary format resides… Read More
Shell is one of the most important and powerful tools available in GNU/Linux-based systems. One can control the entire system if used correctly, this exact… Read More
PowerShell is a versatile utility that can manage files and folders in various ways. It gives you access to the system’s files and directories and… Read More
In this article, we will see how to print Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night, according to system time using shell programming… Read More
A shell variable is a character string in shell that stores some value. It could be an integer, filename, string or some shell command itself.… Read More
Unlike many shell commands, shopt is a bash-only shell command. It is a built-in BASH shell command that controls certain options for the shell session.… Read More

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