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Technical Round-1: Virtual interview Introduce yourself Tell me about your present project and what work you do every day Given a sorted Array and a… Read More
Technical Round-1:Face to Face interview Given a string, find the 2nd non-repeating character in the string. Also, throw light upon the time and space complexity… Read More
This article will give you information about the company, its recruitment process, sample questions that have been asked previously, lots of experiences shared by other… Read More
Technical Round 1: Total Duration: 1hr 5 mins: Interviewer intro and my intro and exp. 10 mins: About the current project and a few questions… Read More
ServiceNow had visited our college for hiring students for Associate Software Engineer, there was a coding round followed by 3 rounds of interviews of which… Read More
Round 1(Online Assessment): The test was for around 75mins. It consisted of one coding question and 15mcqs. MCQs were based on OS, DBMS, DSA, and… Read More
Online Assessment : Consists of some multiple-choice questions and the coding question of medium difficulty Technical Round-1:Face to Face interview It starts with a brief… Read More
ServiceNow visited our campus in august for the role of Associate Software Engineer. Round 1: The first round was an online Hackerrank test which had… Read More
Round 1(Qualifying Round): It was the test conducted on the HackerRank platform where there were 15 MCQS and 1 Coding Question The MCQs were from… Read More
ServiceNow visited our campus in August for the role of Associate Software Engineer. Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electrical and Communication Engineering, and Electrical… Read More
Round 1(Online Coding Round – Hackerrank Platform): This round consisted of 1 Coding question and 15 Multiple choice questions. This round lasted for 60 minutes.… Read More
Applied through referral. Each round is for 45 mins only. Round 1: Given a list of Songs, shuffle the songs in such a way that… Read More
Round 1(Online Test on HackerRank): It consisted of 15 MCQs and one coding question. MCQs were based on DSA, DBMS, OS. Coding question: Count distinct… Read More
The process at ServiceNow consisted of 5 rounds: 1 Online Test, 3 Technical Rounds, 1 Manager Round. Online Test: It consisted of 1 Dynamic Programming… Read More
Service now came to our college, (tier-2/NIT) for Data Analytics Profile- full-time role hiring. Round 1(75 Mins VAries on College): 15-MCQs – DS, OS, OOPS,… Read More