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Prerequisites : Red – Black Trees.A left leaning Red Black Tree or (LLRB), is a variant of red black tree, which is a lot easier… Read More
You are given an array of n integer and an integer K. Find the number of total unordered pairs {i, j} such that absolute value… Read More
Given two sorted arrays, we can get a set of sums(add one element from the first and one from second). Find the N’th element in… Read More
Given an array of n elements and an integer m. The task is to find the maximum value of the sum of its subarray modulo… Read More
A ScapeGoat tree is a self-balancing Binary Search Tree like AVL Tree, Red-Black Tree, Splay Tree, ..etc. Search time is O(Log n) in worst case.… Read More
Given an array of n distinct elements and a number x, arrange array elements according to the absolute difference with x, i. e., an element… Read More
Given an array of distinct positive integers, the task is to find the maximum product of increasing subsequence of size 3, i.e., we need to… Read More
Tree sort is a sorting algorithm that is based on Binary Search Tree data structure. It first creates a binary search tree from the elements… Read More
Let us consider the below problem statement and think of different solutions for it. Given a set S of elements such that the elements are… Read More
We have discussed Overview of Array, Linked List, Queue and Stack. In this article following Data Structures are discussed.  5. Binary Tree 6. Binary Search Tree 7.… Read More
Like Red-Black and AVL Trees, Treap is a Balanced Binary Search Tree, but not guaranteed to have height as O(Log n). The idea is to… Read More
A typical Priority Queue requires following operations to be efficient. Get Top Priority Element (Get minimum or maximum) Insert an element Remove top priority element… Read More
Consider a big array where elements are from a small set and in any range, i.e. there are many repetitions. How to efficiently sort the… Read More
In a Binary Search Tree (BST), all keys in left subtree of a key must be smaller and all keys in right subtree must be… Read More
Hash Table supports following operations in Θ(1) time. 1) Search 2) Insert 3) Delete The time complexity of above operations in a self-balancing Binary Search… Read More

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