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While performing any action on a web page using selenium, there is need of locators to perform specific tasks. Locators in web page are used… Read More
Selenium can automatically click on buttons that appear on a webpage. This article revolves around how to click any button using Selenium in a webpage.… Read More
Here, we are going to learn a simple SMS bomber trick (for fun and educational purpose). Selenium is a free tool for automated testing across… Read More
What is POM? POM is a design pattern which is commonly used in Selenium for Automating the Test Cases. This design pattern can be used… Read More
XPath(XML Path) is an expression which is used to find the element or say node in the XML document. In Selenium it is commonly used… Read More
We can identify web elements in the web page using the following two tools:   Developer Tools   FireBug and FirePath   Developer Tools – Right-click on… Read More
Many websites use sign-in using social media to make the login process easy for users. In most cases, if the button is clicked then a… Read More
As we know Selenium is a tool used for controlling web browsers through a program. It can be used in all browsers, OS, and its… Read More
Prerequisite : Browser Automation Using SeleniumWhen we want to do web automation, we require to wait for some javascript elements to load before we perform… Read More
Selenium is an automation tool and portable software testing tool for web applications. A test domain-specific language is also provided, to write test cases one… Read More
Selenium: Selenium Python bindings provide a convenient API to access Selenium Web Driver like Firefox, Chrome, etc.What is webdriver? Selenium WebDriver is an automation testing tool.… Read More
Python scripting is one of the most intriguing and fascinating things to do meanwhile learning Python. Automation and controlling the browser is one of them.… Read More
Selenium is a powerful tool for controlling a web browser through the program. It is functional for all browsers, works on all major OS and… Read More
Have you ever wished to automatically wish your friends on their birthdays, or send a set of messages to your friend ( or any Whatsapp… Read More

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