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Zip zap zoom is a fun game that requires its players to concentrate and participate actively. When this game is played with people, this is… Read More
Here we can find the acceleration (a), final velocity(v), initial velocity(u) and time(t) using the formula a = (v-u)/t. At first, functions are defined for… Read More
Given two binary numbers, write a Python program to compute their sum. Examples: Input: a = "11", b = "1" Output: "100" Input: a =… Read More
In this article, we are going to code a simple program for book movie tickets. It will be very useful to the passionate beginners who… Read More
Given a regular polygon with N sides. The task is to find the count of polygons that can be drawn from the given polygon by… Read More
A boat takes N1 hr to row a bot X1 km downstream of a river and take N2 hr to cover a distance of X2… Read More
Given two integers A and X, denoting the length of a side of a rhombus and an angle respectively, the task is to find the… Read More
Given the temperature in degree Celsius. the task is to convert the value in the Fahrenheit scale and display it. Examples :   Input : 37 Output… Read More
Given a matrix mat[][] of size N*N, the task is to rotate the matrix by 45 degrees and print the matrix. Examples: Input: N =… Read More
Prerequisites: l-value and r-value references in C++, Copy Constructor in C++. What is a Move Constructor?   The copy constructors in C++ work with the… Read More
In this article, we will discuss how to change the cursor style on the screen in C. Approach: The idea is to use the setcursortype()… Read More
Our task is to implement a smartphone directory that collects contact data from the user until the user prompts the program to. Contact data refers… Read More
We are going to make a Python program for Calculating Areas Of some mathematical Shapes. Example: Input: shape name = "Rectangle" length = 10 breadth… Read More
Consider a software for maintaining records of the students in a class. Consider the following functions which are required to be performed: Sorting of names… Read More
Consider a class of 20 students whose names and marks are given to you. The task is to arrange the students according to their marks… Read More

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