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The addString() method is utilized to add the elements of the map to the String Builder. Method Definition: def addString(b: StringBuilder): StringBuilder Return Type: It… Read More
This method is identical to the addString() method but here a separator is also included. Method Definition: def addString(b: StringBuilder, sep: String): StringBuilder Where, sep… Read More
The apply() is utilized to search a key in the stated map. Method Definition: m1.apply(“key”) Here m1 is map. Return Type: It returns the value… Read More
The clear() method is utilized to clear the map. value clear is a member of scala.collection.mutable.Map[String, Int]. Method Definition: def clear(): Unit Return Type: It… Read More
The clone() method is utilized to make a copy of the receivers object. value clone is a member of scala.collection.mutable.Map[String, Int]. Method Definition: def clone():… Read More
The deletion of Scala map keys can be obtained by utilizing – operator. This operator is utilized to delete the set of keys of the… Read More
The concatenation of Scala map is obtained by utilizing ++ operator. Syntax : def ++(xs: Map[(A, B)]): Map[A, B] Return Type: It returns a single… Read More
The contains() method of Scala is equivalent to the isDefinedAt method of Scala but the only difference is that isDefinedAt is observed on all the… Read More
The method isDefinedAt() is an abstract value member of trait PartialFunction, which is identical to the method contains and is observed in all the classes… Read More
In Scala, Monads is a construction which performs successive calculations. It is an object which covers the other object. It is worth noting that here,… Read More

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