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Heighten and Widen are the functions needed to enable the clients to place elements of different widths on top of each other, or place elements… Read More
The main idea of continuations in scala is the ability to interrupt a program, save its control state, and resume it at a later point… Read More
Vals and Lazy vals are present in Scala. lazy keyword changes the val to get lazily initialized. Lazy initialization means that whenever an object creation… Read More
Keywords are the words in a language that are used to represent some predefined actions or some internal process. We use the this keyword when… Read More
The Empty values in Scala are represented by Null, null, Nil, Nothing, None, and Unit. The explication of these empty values are as follows: null:… Read More
The throw keyword in Scala is used to explicitly throw an exception from a method or any block of code.In scala, throw keyword is used… Read More
In Scala, Final is a keyword and used to impose restriction on super class or parent class through various ways. We can use final keyword… Read More

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