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Given postorder traversal of a binary search tree, construct the BST. For example, if the given traversal is {1, 7, 5, 50, 40, 10}, then… Read More
Round 1: Online Test The online test was comprised of 107 MCQ questions including 2 programming codes to be done in 90 minutes. Platform used was… Read More
Round 1: Online Test (105 mins) The online test comprised of six sections – Psychometric Test ( Time Limit : 10 minutes) Coding Questions (2… Read More
Round 1- Online Test (Time: 105 min) Psychometric test Analytical Aptitude (Easy-Moderate Level) Design Aptitude (DBMS+SE questions) Testing & Debugging ( One code to debug:… Read More
Hello friends, I appeared for SAP recruitment process in college campus. We were having online test. There were 7 sections total – Analytical, Psychometric, Design… Read More
A written test was held, there were 6 sections in the written test. Time allotted was around 105 mins. 1. Psychometric Test 60 questions in… Read More
Recently SAP Labs Bangalore visited our college for campus placements. There were 4 rounds of Interview and Online Written test. Following is the procedure and… Read More
My interview experience was as follows: Round 1- Online Test (Time: 90 min) Psychometric test Analytical Aptitude Design Aptitude Testing Essay Coding Questions – 2… Read More
Given an array of distinct integers and a sum value. Find count of triplets with sum smaller than given sum value. The expected Time Complexity… Read More
My interview experience was as follows:  Round 1 (online written test) approx. 120 candidates including MCA, B.Tech and M.Tech  Total 103 question in 105 minutes Objective… Read More
SAP Labs On-Campus Interview Experience : Round 1 : (Online test) – 105min. MCQs of Analytical (Circular/2 row seating arrangement ,Relationships etc.), Design Aptitude ,Testing… Read More
I had SAP Labs first round on 10th Oct 2015(ON-CAMPUS). The first round consisted of 15 logical reasoning numerical questions which were bit tough i… Read More
Round 1: Online Test(1hr 45 min)  Psychometric Round: 60 questions 10 min  Section 1: Logical reasoning questions. Section 2: Testing Questions. Section 3: Technical + Software engineering… Read More
Hello everyone, I like to share my interview experience with sap labs. Round 1:( Online Test) ******* Section 1: Logical reasoning questions. Section 2: Testing… Read More
This was for a Developer Specialist (JAVA,JAVASCRIPT) position(4-6 yrs). It was a very long process but was an awesome one!!! Round 1 (Telephonic) [ >… Read More

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