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Conducted on Hackerrank platform. 10 mcqs + 2 coding questions in one hour. First question was : Second was : Find the Smallest Divisor… Read More
Round 1: The very first round is Online Exam in which there are 17 questions related to DBMS, O.S, D.S, C, etc. There are 15… Read More
Round 1: Online test taken by SAP with association with Hackerrank, time complexity and data structures were included in multiple choice questions  along with algorithms… Read More
Online Round SAP Labs India visited our campus on 11’th Aug 2018 offering full time as well as internship (2 months, 6 months) Following was… Read More
A number ‘n’ is called Bleak if it cannot be represented as sum of a positive number x and set bit count in x, i.e.,… Read More

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