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It was an Off-Campus drive. The entire process was virtual as it was done in the Covid era. First Round: The first round was a… Read More
Round 1(90 Mins): The test was conducted on HirePro platform.   The online test consisted of 3 sections. Each were to be done separately, and… Read More
I applied in Sandvine through Linkedin, the requirements was to have a minimum 7.5 CG and to have knowledge of C++. I got the link… Read More
Sandvine Technologies visited our campus on September 19th, 2020. The whole process was virtual since this was done in the covid era. First Round –… Read More
TOTAL ROUNDS : 3 Round 1: ONLINE EXAM Consisted of 3 sections. section 1 :  Aptitude(15 mcqs ) 20 minutes time limit section 2 :… Read More
Sandvine visited our campus for FTE. Total 3 round 1. Aptitude (20 MCQ) 20 min 2. Technical (30 MCQ) 40 min ( Computer Network, Operating… Read More