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Protection refers to a mechanism that controls the access of programs, processes, or users to the resources defined by a computer system. We can take… Read More
Most probably, there is a maximum number of users who have some private documents. Some have provided images or videos that are completely confidential. Users… Read More
To prevent malicious malware from abusing your website, reCAPTCHA employs an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges. False users will be barred while real… Read More
Network setting is the process of setting network controls, flow, and operation to support the network. When the user clears all connection data or resets… Read More
Spyware maliciously tracks user activities and performs functions such as accessing data or crashing computer/laptop systems. Spyware often runs as a background process and interferes… Read More
Spyware is malicious software that enters a user’s computer, collects device and user data, and sends it to third parties without their consent. A commonly… Read More
SAFE Security (priorly known as Lucideus) conducts an on-campus drive in selected colleges and this drive has 5-6 rounds of interviews. First Round: This is… Read More

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