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Method visibility in Ruby refers that instance methods can be public, private or protected. Methods are by default public unless they are explicitly declared private… Read More
Ruby Hook Methods are called in reaction to something you do. They are usually used to extend the working of methods at run time. These… Read More
A directory is a location where files can be stored. For Ruby, the Dir class and the FileUtils module manages directories and the File class… Read More
There are four different types of variables in Ruby- Local variables, Instance variables, Class variables and Global variables. An instance variable in ruby has a name… Read More
In Programming, static keywords are primarily used for memory management. The static keyword is used to share the same method or variable of a class… Read More
The idea of representing significant details and hiding details of functionality is called data abstraction. The interface and the implementation are isolated by this programming… Read More
In Ruby, one does not have anything like the variable types as there is in other programming languages. Every variable is an “object” which can… Read More
The concept of private, protected and public methods in Ruby is a bit different than it other languages like Java. In Ruby, it is all… Read More
Method is a collection of statements that perform some specific task and return the result. Override means two methods having same name but doing different… Read More
Prerequisite: Object Oriented Programming in Ruby | Set-1 Inheritance Inheritance is one of the solid fundamental characteristics of object-oriented programming. sometimes we might need certain… Read More
When we say object-oriented programming, we mean that our code is centered on objects. Objects are real-life instances that are classified into various types. Let’s… Read More
Encapsulation is defined as the wrapping up of data under a single unit. It is the mechanism that binds together code and the data it… Read More
Access control is a very important part of the object-oriented programming language which is used to restrict the visibility of methods and member fields to… Read More
A constructor is a special method of the class which gets automatically invoked whenever an instance of the class is created. Like methods, a constructor… Read More
Ruby is the ideal object-oriented language. In an object-oriented programming language, inheritance is one of the most important features. Inheritance allows the programmer to inherit… Read More

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