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Given an array of n positive integers, the task is to find the minimum inverting factor in the given array. Inverting factor is defined as the… Read More
Given a linked list with n nodes, reverse it in the following way :  If n is even, reverse it in a group of n/2… Read More
Given a string containing a number of words. If the count of words in string is even then reverse its even position’s words else reverse… Read More
Given a string s, print reverse of string and remove the characters from the reversed string where there are vowels in the original string.  Examples:  … Read More
Consider the given array arr[], we need to find if we can sort array with the given operation. The operation is  We have to select… Read More
Floyd’s triangle is a triangle with first natural numbers. Task is to print reverse of Floyd’s triangle.Examples:   Input : 4 Output : 10 9 8… Read More
Given two singly linked lists, find the Longest common suffix of two linked lists. If there are no common characters which are suffixes, return the… Read More
A linked list is a linear collection of data elements, in which each node points to the next node. Unlike an array, it doesn’t have… Read More
Given a tree and node data, the task to reverse the path to that particular Node. Examples:  Input: 7 / \ 6 5 / \… Read More
Given a number n then print n terms of fibonacci series in reverse order. Examples:  Input : n = 5 Output : 3 2 1… Read More
Given two number l and r. Count the total numbers between l and r which when subtracted from their respective reverse, the difference is a… Read More
Given a doubly linked list containing n nodes. The problem is to reverse every group of k nodes in the list. Examples:   Recommended: Please try… Read More
Python List reverse() is an inbuilt method in the Python programming language that reverses objects of the List in place i.e. it doesn’t use any… Read More
Given a non-negative integer n. The problem is to reverse the bits of n and print the number obtained after reversing the bits. Note that… Read More
PHP serves us with many built-in methods which can be used to manipulate strings. In this article, we will learn about how to reverse a… Read More

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