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Even after independence from British rule, women still hadn’t achieved independence and are struggling for it. But reformers have tried to reform our society and… Read More
The word ‘charge’ is gotten from the Latin word taxare or taxo. It signifies ‘to evaluate the value of something. Charges are forced by the… Read More
On 12 August 1765, the East India Company turned into the Diwan of Bengal. As Diwan, the Company turned into the boss monetary executive of… Read More
Communism in Europe and the Russian Revolution educates us concerning the development of Socialism in Europe. The transformation changed the entire society totally and brought… Read More
Demos, which means “common citizens,” and Kratos, which denotes power, are the two Greek words that are the origin of the phrase “a majority dominates… Read More
Warren Hastings was a colonial administrator, who came to India as an employee of the East India Company. During the period 1772 to 1785, he… Read More