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If we want to convert a function component to a class component then we need to make the following major changes. Change the function to… Read More
Destructuring is a simple property that is used to make code much clear and readable, mainly when we pass props in React. What is Destructuring?… Read More
useContext: useContext is a hook that provides a way to pass data through the component tree without manually passing props down through each nested component.… Read More
In the previous article ReactJS Typechecking With PropTypes – Set 2, we discussed instance validation, single and multiple data types validation, types and shapes validation,… Read More
In our previous article ReactJS Typechecking With PropTypes – Set 1, we discussed how to use PropTypes for validating any data we are receiving from… Read More
React allows us to pass arguments to a Component using something called props (stands for properties) which are passed to components via HTML attributes in… Read More
React is not a framework. It is just a library developed by Facebook to solve some problems that we were facing earlier. Before going into… Read More

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