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Redux is the state management library for JavaScript apps. It is used to manage the data globally in the app. In redux, there are basically… Read More
Whenever we render a list in React using the map method which is mostly preferred, we need to provide the keys. If we do not… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to build an online code compiler using React.js as frontend and Express.js as backend. Users will be able… Read More
In React 16.0 version, React portals were introduced. React portals come up with a way to render children components into a DOM node which typically… Read More
In React, to re-render a class-based component with an updated state we generally use the setState() method. However, we can re-render a component in two… Read More
The size of a component is determined by the height and width of the container. It can be determined if we assign a ref to… Read More
Each and every modern webpage that we create today tend to have user interactions. When the user interacts with the web application, events are fired.… Read More
The pattern for rendering a list of components from an array of data can be done by mapping all individual custom pieces of data to… Read More
In this article, we will see how to display values from a database without refreshing the web page. Let’s say in our web app, we… Read More
Redirecting is used when let say a user is a login to a website and he or she logged in successfully after logging in successfully… Read More
In this article we will learn how to use React PropType array with shape. We use React PropTypes for type checking of variables in react.… Read More
The following approach covers how to generate QR-Code in React. We have used the react-qr-code package to achieve so. QR code is a square grid… Read More
In order to work as a cross-browser application, React has created a wrapper same as the native browser in order to avoid creating multiple implementations… Read More
React Element: It is the basic building block in a react application, it is an object representation of a virtual DOM node. React Element contains… Read More
In this article, we will learn how to do smooth in-page navigation in a react application using an npm package React Anchor Link Smooth Scroll.… Read More

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