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Multi-Language support in React Native: Internationalization of React Native app helps us to target those users who either don’t speak English or are more comfortable… Read More
Fetching JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data in React Native from Local (E.g. IOS/Android storage) is different from fetching JSON data from a server (using Fetch… Read More
Animations in React Native: React Native has an Animated API that handles animations in the app. It has various functions to create most types of… Read More
React Native is a framework developed by Facebook for creating native-style applications for Android & iOS under one common language, i.e. JavaScript. Initially, Facebook only… Read More
The idea is to make an app that will help in correcting the demand-supply gap in the recycling of Used Cooking Oil (UCO). The unmonitored… Read More
ReactJS: It is a JavaScript library that supports both front-end and server-side. It is a popularly used library, which focuses on developing user interfaces (UI)… Read More
Almost every mobile application requires navigating between different screens. React Native provides an elegant and easy-to-use library to add navigation to native applications: react-navigation. It… Read More
The View Component is the basic building block for creating the user interface. It can map directly to the native view of different platforms, like… Read More
The SectionList Component is an inbuilt React Native list view component that renders sectioned lists. As the name suggests, it is used to display lists… Read More
To create a Bottom Tab Navigator using Material, we need to use the createMaterialBottomTabNavigator function available in the react-navigation library. It is designed with the… Read More
Stying in React Native is not the same as normal CSS. For styling elements in React Native, JavaScript objects are used. Every core component in… Read More
A React Native app comprises two sides as given below. The JavaScript Side The Native Side The Native Side should be Java or Kotlin for… Read More
In this article, we will look at how we can use the Swipe Down to Refresh feature in React Native. In applications that show real-time… Read More
Adding Icons at the Bottom of Tab Navigation in React Native is a fairly easy task. In this article, we will implement a basic application… Read More
In this article we’ll add search functionality in React-Native. This can be regarded as a continuation to React native flatlist component/. In the aforementioned article… Read More

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