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RD Sharma Solutions for class 9 provides vast knowledge about the concepts through the chapter-wise solutions. These solutions help to solve problems of higher difficulty… Read More
Question 1. Draw an angle and label it as ∠BAC. Construct another angle, equal to ∠BAC   Solution: Steps of construction: 1. Draw any ∠BAC… Read More
Question 1. Construct a Δ ABC in which BC = 3.6 cm, AB + AC = 4.8 cm and ∠B = 60°. Solution: Steps of… Read More
Question 1. Rationalise the denominator of each of the following (i-vii): (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) Solution: (i) We know that rationalisation factor… Read More
Question 6. In each of the following determine rational numbers a and b: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Solution: (i) We know that rationalisation… Read More
Question 1. The radius of a circle is 8 cm and the length of one of its chords is 12 cm. Find the distance of… Read More
Question 1. Draw a line segment of length 8.6cm. Bisect it and measure the length of each part. Solution: Steps of construction: Step 1: Draw… Read More
Question 1. In Fig., O is the centre of the circle. If ∠APB∠APB= 50°, find ∠AOB and ∠OAB. Solution: ∠APB=50° By degree measure theorem ∠AOB=2APB… Read More
Question 1 (i). Simplify 3(a4b3)10 × 5(a2b2)3 Solution: Given 3(a4b3)10 × 5(a2b2)3 = 3 × a40 × b30 × 5 × a6 × b6 = 3… Read More
Question 11. In Figure, ACB is a line such that ∠DCA = 5x and ∠DCB = 4x.  Find the value of x. Solution: It is given that ACB is a line… Read More
Question 12. Determine (8x)x, if 9x+2 = 240 + 9x. Solution: We have, => 9x+2 = 240 + 9x => 9x+2 − 9x = 240… Read More
Question 1. Assuming that x, y, z are positive real numbers, simplify each of the following: (i)  Solution: We have, =  =  =  =  (ii) … Read More
Question 21. In the given figure, transversal l intersects two linesmandn, ∠4 = 110° and ∠7 = 65°. Ism||n? Solution: The figure is given as… Read More
Question 11. In the given figure, lines AB and CD are parallel and P is any point as shown in the figure. Show that ∠ABP+… Read More