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RD Sharma Solutions for class 10 provides prime reference material to the students to get a strong grip over the concepts under each chapter of… Read More
Question 11. Construct a triangle similar to a given ΔXYZ with its sides equal to (3/2)th of the corresponding sides of ΔXYZ. Write the steps of… Read More
Question 1. Construct a triangle of sides 4 cm, 5 cm, and 6 cm and then a triangle similar to it whose sides are (2/3)… Read More
Question 11. The areas of two similar triangles are 121 cm2 and 64 cm2 respectively. If the median of the first triangle is 12.1 cm,… Read More
Question 1. Triangles ABC and DEF are similar. (i) If area (△ABC) = 16cm2, area (△DEF) = 25 cm2 and BC = 2.3 cm, find… Read More
Question 53. From the top of a building AB, 60 m high, the angles of depression of the top and bottom of a vertical lamp… Read More
Question 27. A T.V. tower stands vertically on a bank of a river of a river. From a point on the other bank directly opposite… Read More
Question 1. A tower stands vertically on the ground. From a point on the ground, 20 m away from the foot of the tower, the… Read More
Question 1. Apply division algorithm to find the quotient q(x) and remainder r(x) on dividing f(x) by g(x) in each of the following: (i) f(x) =… Read More
Question 41. Three consecutive vertices of a parallelogram are (-2, -1), (1, 0) and (4, 3). Find the fourth vertex. Solution: Let the coordinates of… Read More
Question 23. Solve the following system of linear equations graphically and shade the region between the two lines and the x-axis. (i) 2x + 3y… Read More
Question 11. If – 5 is a root of the quadratic equation 2x² + px – 15 = 0 and the quadratic equation p(x² +… Read More
Question 21. Find the ratio in which the point P(-1, y) lying on the line segment joining A(-3, 10) and B(6, -8) divides it. Also, find… Read More
Question 1. Determine the nature of the roots of following quadratic equations : (i) 2x² – 3x + 5 = 0 (ii) 2x² – 6x… Read More

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